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As a company involved in the transport and logistics sectors, DPD is fully aware of its responsibilities, not only with regard to the environment, but also to the social and economic interests of its staff and society in general. Carrying out our operations in a responsible framework is therefore an integral part of our business strategy, as demonstrated by our eco-responsible initiative.

Our sustainable development approach is an integral part of the Group Sustainable Development policy, or Responsibility, which is founded on three principles:


    In our capacity as a logistics company and producer of emissions, we have a specific responsibility towards the protection of the environment. We strive to continuously reduce our CO2 emissions.


We strongly support multiculturalism in the company and we see ourselves as setting an example of tolerance. We guarantee high safety standards in the workplace and we are focused on the personal development of the employees that work there.


We strive to be an active part of society that guarantees a great success.
DPD supports charities and organisations through its logistics activities but also through fund-raising actions undertaken internally.